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Finn and the Five Flies

Comments from some happy customers:

"so vibrant, we loved counting the flies!"

"my twins loved it- it kept them quiet a lot longer than most books do"

'we loved having to find things and the colours grab the children's attention"

"Beautiful imagery and use of colour, lots to chat about on the pages and opportunities to count, going to be a big hit"

"I love it, I love Finn"

"My son was asked on World Book Day what his favourite book is, answer was Finn and the Five Flies"

"Congrat's on an excellent book, the illustrations are brill"

"The books is gorgeous, I found all the flies"

"Love the story and love the illustrations"

"I am now a fan of the Finn fan club"

ISBN: 978-1-913663-92-6

Emma Bennett Books


Finn and the Five Flies is a vibrant children's rhyming book written and illustrated by mom and daughter team Emma and Molly Bennett.

Finn is a muddy farm dog followed everywhere he goes by five flies. The buzz, buzz, buzz is driving him mad, Finn needs the readers help to get rid of these flies once and for all. Just as things might be quieter for this muddy dog, Finn realises something quite unbelievable.

32 pages (A4 sized) of brightly illustrated pages filled with lots to see for young readers. Plenty for adult readers to enjoy and encourage spotting and counting skills, days of the week, interacting with Finn and questions along the way. This book will appeal to both boys and girls and hopefully adults too!

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Finn and the five flies

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Finn and the fIve Flies Finn
Finn and the Five Flies Finn adn the Five Flies